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Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring has sprung, planted and spouted!

 Spring has sprung down here in Long Beach. About two months ago I had a seed planting party. We spent an afternoon labeling, sorting, planting our seeds, and of course drinking champagne to quench our thirst.  

According to the planters guide one is supposed plant their seeds after the last freeze. After a bit of math( and the fact that Long Beach doesn't freeze) it was determined that I was to plant my seeds the end of January/ start of February.  My seeds came from several different venders(, Home Depot and Burpee) . We decided to plant the following:

Heirloom Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Patio Princess Tomato
Big Beef Tomato
Better Boy
Jalepeno Peppers
Sweet Banana Peppers
Butter Lettuce
Mixed Lettuce.
Carrot(Not yet Planted)
Celery( Not yet Planted)

My collection of recycled paper goods for planting.
We used all three or the containers I mentioned earlier. I found that the Starbucks cups worked best. I really liked the idea of the toilet paper rolls and the egg cartons but they dried out quickly. I planted the marigolds and the lettuces in the rolls and cartons. They all sprouted ok, but then quickly wilted and died.  I think they would have worked better if  one, they were used in a more moist climate(Northern CA),  and two I had spritzed them  with water every day. We had a bit of a heat wave down here that really dried things out and we haven't had much rain (I'm looking forward to fire season, aren't you?)

22 of my 24 Tomatoes sprouted and are growing strong. The peppers on the other hand are having a hard time. They wouldn't sprout outside (to cold?) so I put them inside in the window. They sprouted there but I may have watered them to much. They are still very tiny. The herbs are having similar problems.  To hot. To cold. To wet. To dry. Plants can be picky. I guess thats why nurseries grow them in greenhouses in controlled environments.    I am still working on my peppers but  I also bought a couple at our local nursery just  in case they don't pull through. My husband and I have a master plan of making hot pickled okra this summer so he can perfect his bloody mary making skills. 
Planting Party!

All planted and ready to grow!

Growing tomato varieties.

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  1. So THIS is your urban garden! Ha! Love it :) Can't wait to hitch a ride on your journey, Heidi.