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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Starting a Winter Garden

 About two weeks ago I decided to start a winter garden.  I pulled out my failing tomato plant and planted some radishes. I used a pack I purchased for $1 at Home Depot.

The radishes came up the other day and a few days later I thinned the seeds. For those of you not familiar with thinning it means that you pull out every few sprouts in order for the sprouts to have enough room to grow to their full potential. I actually had enough sprouts to add them to my sandwich. It was quite tasty.  Radishes are a quick and easy vegetable to grow. They come up quickly and are fun to watch.

A few days after I planted the radishes I threw a few lettuce seeds in a few pots. They have yet to come up. Again I bought them for $1 at Home Depot.  The packet says that they are good for colder temperatures. I think they may just take longer to germinate.

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